Priests of the Archdiocese


Most Reverend Patrick C. Pinder, S.T.D., C.M.G.

Archbishop of Nassau

Priestly Ordination:  August 15, 1980

Episcopal Ordination: August 15, 2003


Msgr. Present A. Moss, Protonotary Apostolic (PA), C.M.G.

Vicar General

Geriatrics Hospital Chaplain

Priestly Ordination:  June 4, 1965

Pastor of St. Anselm, Fox Hill, New Providence


Msgr. Alfred C. Culmer


Priestly Ordination:  November 30, 1976

Pastor of St Joseph,  Boyd Road


Msgr. John T. Johnson

Priestly Ordination:  August 8, 1980

Pastor of St.  Gregory, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Paul, Eleuthera


Msgr Simeon Roberts

Hospital Chaplain

Priestly Ordination:  February 19, 1982

Pastor of St. Cecilia, Coconut Grove, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Remy David

Priestly Ordination:  June 13, 1968 (Incardinated in the Diocese of Nassau (1989)

Pastor of Haitian Mission, Hawksbill, Grand Bahama


Reverend Fr. Reginald Demeritte

Priestly Ordination:  June 3, 1987

Pastor of St. Theresa, George Town, Exuma


Reverend Fr. Glen Nixon

Prison Chaplain

Priestly Ordination:  August 24, 1988

Rector of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, West Street, New Providence


Reverend Fr. David Cooper

Priestly Ordination:  August 22, 1995

Pastor of Mary Star of the Sea, Freeport and St. Michael, West End, Grand Bahama


Reverend Fr. Alain Laverne

Priestly Ordination:  June 22, 2000

Pastor of Our Lady’s of the Holy Soul, Deveaux Street, New Provicence


Reverend Fr. Kendrick Forbes

Priestly Ordination:  June 11, 2002

Pastor pf St.  Paul the Apostle, Lyford Cay, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Noel Clarke

Priestly Ordination:  June 25, 2006

Pastor of St. Thomas More, Maderia Street


Reverend Fr. Roger Madrazo

Priestly Ordination:  March 8, 1983 (ordained for the Archdiocese of Zamboanga)

Pastor:  St. Francis de Sale, Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Reverend Fr. Anselm Russell

Ordained:  June 8, 1997

Pastor of Sacred Heart, Shirley Street


Reverend Fr. Jude Muokwe, MSP, (Missionary Society of St. Paul)

Ordained: June 26, 2004

Pastor of St. Bede, Kemp Road, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Roland Vilfort, SMM (Mission of the Company of Mary – Monfort Fathers)

Ordained:  January 15, 1995

Pastor:  Queen of Peace Haitian Community, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Thomas Brislin, CP (Congregation of Passion – Passionist)

Ordained:  May 31, 1968

Pastor of Holy Family, Robinson Road, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Paschal Ukpeh, MSP (Missionary Society of St. Paul)

Ordained: June 25, 2005

Pastor:  Church of the Resurrection, South Beach, New Providence


Reverend Fr. Henry Osuagwu, MSP (Missionary Society of St. Paul)

Ordained: June 23, 2007

Pastor:  Blessed Sacrament, Harbour Island, Eleuthera, St. Theresa & St. John the Baptist, Upper and Lower Bogue, Eleuthera


Reverend Fr. Saju Vadakumpadan, CMI (Congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate)

Ordained: December 29, 1992

Pastor:  St. Vincent de Paul, Hunter, Grand Bahama


Reverend Fr. Steephen Koola, CMI (Congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate)

Ordained: December 27, 1996

Pastor: St. Agnes, Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama


Deacons of the Archdiocese


Reverend Mr. Peter Rahming 

Ordained: 1973 

Retired: 2012

Our Lady of the Holy Souls, New Providence


Reverend Mr. Lawrence Bethel

Ordained: 1973



Reverend Mr. Samuel Mitchell

Ordained: 1993

Church of the Resurrection, New Providence


Reverend Mr. Dennis Mackey

Ordained:  1993

St. Thomas More and Sacred Heart New Providence


Reverend Mr. Patrick Darville

Ordained: 1993

St. Peter and Paul, Long Island


Reverend Mr. Jeffrey Hollingsworth

Ordained: 1993

St. Vincent de Paul, Grand Bahama


Reverend Mr. Gregory Taylor

Ordained: 1993

St. Joseph, New Providence


Reverend Mr. Theophilus Rolle

Ordained: 1993

Sacred Heart (South Andros)


Reverend Mr. Andrew Burrows

Ordained: 2000

Adminstrator: Cat Island Parishes


Reverend Mr. Maxwell Johnson

Ordained:  2000

Our Lady of the Holy Souls, New Providence


Reverend Mr. Nixon Lindor

Ordained:  2000

Mary Star of the Sea, Grand Bahama


Reverend Mr. Raymond Forbes

Ordained:  2000

St. Anselm, New Providence


Reverend Mr. John Sears

Ordained:  2001

Holy Name (Bimini)


Reverend Mr. Frank Tremblay

Ordained:  September 14, 2002

St. John Chrysostom, Fresh Creek, Andros